BOS Flat Pack Containers

BOS (Build On Site) Flat Pack Containers are the ideal solution to prevent theft on building sites.

Made from 20 gauge galvanised steel the BOS Containers are German engineered proving to be much stronger and sturdier than the average garden shed, and unlike shipping containers they can be delivered to the back of a site or even erected withing the building or in an underground car park.

Watch the following video to see how quick and easy it is to erect the BOS Quick Build Container:

BOS inside BOS inside2

BOS Containers come in various sizes and can be connected together or stacked on top of one another. Then they can be easily disassembled, moved and assembled again.

The perfect solution for any building site situation.

Available for Hire and Sale: 03 9720 4455


Aim Hire Wins Hire Company of the Year 2016


Aim Hire was awarded Victoria’s  Hire Company of the Year 2016 at the recent Hire and Rental Industry Association End of Year event at Eureka Towers. Elise Kelsey, Managing Director, commented that it was the late great Ray Kelsey that built the business into the success it is today and she is very proud to have the opportunity to carry on his legacy in the hire industry. “One thing Ray taught me was to surround myself with talented people and I am very lucky to have a great management team and staff at Aim Hire” said Kelsey.  ” The HRIA has been a great association to be part of. We recently won Best New Products at the National Awards for the BOS Container and to back that up with Hire Company of the Year is a huge honour.”


Portable toilet company hits new High!

Aim Hire turns over a new leaf and it couldn’t be better!

With its recently updated office space and the appointment of Tom Galletly as the Aim Hire Branch Operations Manager, Aim Hire is refreshed, renewed and rejuvinated.

Tom has been with Aim Hire for 10 years and is a breath of fresh air in his newly appointed role. Tom reports to Elise Kelsey, Managing Director, who is the daughter of the late great Ray Kelsey, legend of the Hire Industry.

Tom, Elise and the team at Aim Hire are moving with the times and with technology to ensure we can deliver the best service to our valued customers. Even our drivers are reporting that our service and communication has vastly improved in the last 2 months with the appointment of Tom Galletly.

We intend to keep up the good work and will ensure we maintain our status as the Best Portable Site Hire company in Victoria. We are continuing to add to our brand new fleet of portable toilets, top quality temporary fencing and our brand new product the BOS Quick Build Container. We are very proud of the BOS flat pack container which won BEST NEW PRODUCT at the recent 2016 Hire and Rental Industry Association Awards . Demand has been outstanding with more shipments and sizes on the way. Please visit our site for more information.

Aim Hire is abuzz with a great new vibe and staff morale has gone through the roof. Keep up the good work Tom!

Elise Kelsey

Managing Director

Aim Hire


Portable Toilet Etiquette: Pumping and Cleaning

Toilet Etiquette: If at first you don’t succeed, keep flushing!

You wouldn’t leave your house toilet in a disgraceful state, but what about the toilet on your work site? With so many different trades using it, whose responsibility is it to keep the site toilet clean and hygienic?

The law requires that employers provide adequate amenities for staff at any workplace – including the building site. At the very least employers need to ensure that their workers, contractors and visitors to site have access to clean toilets, drinking water, hand washing facilities and access to a clean area for eating. These are all basic amenities required in any work situation.

When it comes to portable toilet facilities,  Aim Hire can supply you with a modern freshwater flush chemical toilet, complete with hand basin, non-skid floors and an ergonomic design for comfort and safety. We ensure our toilets are installed onsite securely to prevent them toppling over or becoming unstable. All Aim Hire toilets come with a lockable door, ventilation and are delivered with an adequate supply of toilet paper. We also deliver all our portable toilets freshly cleaned and serviced – but who is responsible for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of your portable toilet?

Building employers need to understand and analyse their workplace conditions. The number of trades on site for instance will influence the number of toilets required and the regularity of a toilet clean and service. It is up to the site supervisor to ensure toilet amenities are maintained in a condition that meets employee needs for basic health, welfare, privacy and dignity. This means worksite toilets need to be hygienic, safe and secure at all times. In fact, evidence shows that when workers are unable to access a toilet or don’t want to use a toilet facility because of the state it is kept in, they are less likely to drink fluids. Fluid intake is extremely important to the human condition and a lack of fluid or dehydration can lead to all sorts of health problems including bladder and kidney disease, incontinence and heat stroke in the warmer months.

WorkSafe Victoria stipulates that builders should ensure portable toilets are checked daily and cleaned as required.  In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, toilets must also be serviced regularly ‑ and this is where we come in. Aim Hire’s on-site servicing includes:

  • Checking pumps and components for effective operation and repairing any defects;
  • Adding treatment chemicals to the sewage storage tank;
  • Refilling the holding tank with water;
  • Replacing toilet paper; and
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the internal compartment of the portable toilet.

WorkSafe guidelines recommend sewage tanks should be pumped out at a frequency that minimises odour production and ensures the waste tank is unlikely to exceed 50 per cent of the tank’s useable capacity before the next scheduled service. Aim Hire toilets have large 390 litre waste holding tanks that take about 650 flushes. Unlike some of the imported style of portable toilets, they don’t need to be pumped monthly. In fact, we believe disturbing the waste tank unnecessarily is what leads to odour production. So while cleaning and servicing is essential, pumping should be done on an as needs basis.

Aim Hire is on-call to service and/or pump out your portable toilet on request. Simply call our operations team on 9720 4455 or book  a regular service when you start the hire. With regular servicing the result is not only a clean and hygienic site toilet, but a much happier and healthier worksite. Regular rostered servicing takes away the hassle of having to call for a service and the worry of breaking Worksafe Guidelines. Aim Hire will simply turn up at your building site on a regular rostered basis, clean your loo, replenish water and chemicals and replace toilet paper. Our service technicians will then date stamp the facility for your next scheduled service.

Regular servicing keeps your subbies healthy, happy and hygienic on your work site. And don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy workforce; it almost inevitably leads to a more productive and efficient work environment too!


Are You Site Ready for 2016?

It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2016! For many builders that means putting the final touches on the houses they started in 2015 and planning ahead for a new year. It’s timely then to remind our builders that good housekeeping is key to starting off the year in great condition.

According to WorkSafe Victoria, 50 Victorian construction workers are injured each week and for many, the cause is simply a matter of site safety and good housekeeping not being up to scratch! Injuries include back and neck pain, torn ligaments, cuts and wounds, broken bones, nail piercings, eye injuries and worse. Injuries lead to time off work, delays in construction and a cost to the industry of over $50 million per year.

Site safety doesn’t just happen. It requires planning, monitoring and supervision. Site rules should be clearly established and communicated to everyone on site prior to commencement and once the site is established proper supervision is critical to ensure everyone is following the rules.

It’s a good idea to tick off a housekeeping checklist at the start of each project. Before construction begins the site supervisor needs to establish whether power is available to site or temporary power is required; that water is available; toilets have been delivered to site and temporary fencing is safely erected.

If temporary power is required, you’ll need to establish whether you need overhead or underground power to site and whether you require domestic, commercial or 3-phase power. The site should then be clearly marked where you need the power pole installed to avoid damage to underground amenities.

You should also mark the site where you would like the toilet placed. Toilets should be delivered to even and stable ground to ensure the proper function of the toilet and to prevent tipping. They should also be clean and ready for use. You should also be aware that toilets cannot be delivered via crane truck to site if the area is obstructed by trees or potentially hazardous overhanging power lines.

Careful attention to temporary site structures such as temporary fencing, hoarding, site sheds, awnings, covered walkways and signage is imperative. Winds in Victoria can gust up to 120km/h and poorly braced or constructed temporary structures can collapse, become detached and blow around on site, fall over and potentially cause serious injuries. Temporary structures need to be designed to resist severe weather conditions including uplift and lateral wind loads.

Everyone on site is responsible for keeping the site clean and tidy. First off, you need to ensure there is an adequate supply of bins, cages or skips on site to prevent rubbish and debris blowing around and getting underfoot. And going forward, the bins should be regularly emptied.

Access to and from the site should be clearly marked and timber crossovers can be employed to prevent damage to footpaths from heavy loads entering and exiting the site.  There should be designated areas for deliveries and storage of equipment and walkways should be clear of all obstacles.

When your site is set up and ready to work, ensure all trades are inducted before they start work;  ensure they know the site rules and follow them; and finally: check, monitor & supervise.



How often does your portable builder’s toilet need a pump out or service?

Provision of a clean, hygienic toilet is a basic requirement on any work site, but, do you know how often you need to clean and maintain your portable toilet on site to keep it in top working condition?

The answer to this will depend on a number of factors:

  • How many builders/subbies will be on site using the facility?
  • For what period of time will the toilet be on site?
  • How large is the toilet’s waste tank?
  • Is it a fresh water flush toilet or a recirculating toilet?
  • Does the toilet have a large water tank?
  • Has the toilet been moved on site?
  • Do your workers use the toilet respectfully?

The other thing to consider is whether you need a pump out or simply a service. In fact, the two are quite distinct and carried out in very different trucks. Trade Alliance members receive a regular rostered service every 4 weeks. Our service technicians will turn up to site, clean your portable toilet, check pumps and components for effective operation, add treatment chemicals to the sewage tank, replace toilet paper and replenish the water tank.  We will then date stamp the facility for your next rostered service. The service technician will also check how full the waste tank is. If it is deemed the toilet is approaching capacity, a pump out may be recommended. The pump out is carried out by a large pump truck carrying a licensed waste disposal unit. Pump outs can be booked when required.

There are different types of portable toilet on the market. Some of the toilets imported from overseas have small waste tanks and therefore need to be pumped out more often to avoid bad odours or an overflowing tank. Aim Hire toilets are Australian made and all our portables have large 390 litre waste tanks (the largest on the market today). That’s approximately 600-650 uses. With such a large waste tank it is not necessary to pump out the toilet as regularly as it is to service it.

The toilet should be placed on even and stable ground and not moved around – not only for safety reasons but so the flap in the bowl is not left ajar. The more often you disturb your portable toilet, for example by moving the toilet, positioning it on a slope or even pumping it, the more likely it is to smell!

Another consideration is whether the toilet is a fresh water flush unit or a recirculating toilet. Recirculating toilets use chemicals to neutralize waste and the waste tank is used as both a flushing system and a waste tank.  In Victoria, recirculating toilets are not permitted on building sites, but in some other states these and straight drops are still allowed. Recirculating toilets are permitted at events in Victoria but they need to have more regular pump outs and servicing to keep them in a reasonable condition.

All Aim Hire toilets are fresh water flush units. WorkSafe guidelines recommend sewage tanks be pumped out at a frequency that minimizes odour production and ensures the waste tank is unlikely to exceed 50 per cent of the tank’s useable capacity. In addition, WorkSafe stipulates that portable toilets should not be transported from site if they have a capacity of 10 per cent or more. Thus a final pump out is often required before a toilet can be picked up from site.

Finally, it is up to the site supervisor to ensure everyone on site maintains a clean and hygienic toilet facility throughout the duration of the build.

Call Aim Hire for more information or to book a pump out when required. Ph: 9720 4455 or contact us